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games - Your WRITES

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the games people play, they dont think of the pain it cause others they think its cute to flirt say oh i like u blah blah do people not honor whats right and wrong anymore? or is it just the same? not that i havent played games before i have so maybe its my past sins coming back to haunt me? is it too much to ask for someone real anymore? someone tell me that its not impossible to find? anyways just venting as always


I can understand your venting I think that many others on the site will empathise with you
There are some true and hoest people on here but yes there are the ones whom the words honesty and respect mean nothing just as long as they can get there satisfaction no mater at what cost to other peoples feelings
I have been a member on this site for a few years now and during that time have chatted with many people on here I have a few friends on here who over the years I have come to respect and value as such
Dont lose heart buddy there are some decent guys on here and they are not on here solely for one purpose, they want to find genuine friends who read from the same page so to speak and believe that respect truth and trust are the main criteria
Take care my friend and I hope that you will find the sort of people who wont faff you about but value you for what you are



thanks paul i often see u in the chat room but never seem to talk to you maybe i will now i appreciate ur kind words