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The snow bites UK! - Gay Guys! <3

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Okay then, this post has come to me because today 23rd January 2013 Port Talbot, Wales has had it's second dose of snow, however right now it is 50 times worse than the first time and it's snowing really heavily as I type and doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon! The ground and roofs are like a white sheet and footprints I made in the snow no more than 15 minutes ago have now vanished, it's that bad over here, looks like we're snowed in, so this is going to cause some problems because tomorrow my mother has a hospital appointment about her eyes so it looks like she may need to cancel it and have it re-arranged.
I'm loving the snow, especially since where I live (Port Talbot) has been promised 10 inches of the stuff and it looks like today is the start of our huge snow day!
The snow over here is going light and then it goes back to heavy, it hasn't stopped once since it started about an hour ago!
Anyone else got a lot of snow?
Are you having problems?
Are you loving it?

Well, I'm off to build a snowman, see ya guys!


Hi Richard

Spare a thought for us Aussies, I'm in central Victoria and we're expecting 41deg C today. We've had one of the hottest summers that I can remember. In parts of the state there are bush fires racing out of control. We could do with a bit of snow around here. Enjoy your day.


Jan 23rd, 13, 17:15 Hrs, M.S.T.
Hi Group,
Lets Open the "Stargate" and
We Can Send in the "Snow Gods"
and Lots of Cold Air to Go With
it. I Think What 15 CMs of SNOW
Should Keep the Ground Nice &
Wet for a While. How Much Cold
Air Do You Need? Enough to Cool
Summer for a Few Months..
Lets Us Know.


need a hot top in bangladesh


I would just love to change places with you, John. Yesterday morning we had a real temperature of minus 28 C and a wind chill of minus 44 C. Believe it vor not, there were still some of these messenger service guys out delivering via their BIKES !!!.
Give me the heat anytime.


Thurs., Jan 24th, 13, 11:50 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi Group,
Hey! - I've Worked Outside as a "Bike Courier". Yes in COLD Weather or Hot Weather as Well. The Difference Its DRY HUMIDITY. Yes It MAKES a Difference, by a Long Shot. Also Drove as a Courier so I Know All About It.
Right Now Its WARM A Nice Warm -5C to +3C in Calgary.
I Live 150 KMs East of the Rockies so Its Nice When Those WARM "Chinook Winds" Blow Over the Rockies and into Southern Alberta/Calgary. I Feel
Really Fortunate to B Living in My Small Corner of North America - Calgary.
Want to Warm Up or Cool Down a Bit, Come Through the "Stargate" to Calgary
and Enjoy Some Decent Weather,


here in amherstburg ontario canada we had maybe 2ins of snow but it,s going to be 50 degrees on tuesday thats the way it is around here. i don.t like winter no way i rather be in my speedo swimming


Sun., Jan 27th, 13, 18:30 Hrs. M.S.T.
Hi Group,
Weather - When I 1st Came Out Here to Calgary, I Had NO IDEAS of What the
"Chinook Winds" Were All About. It was DRY so It was OK, Verses the Damp Cold - Hot Muggy I was Used to in Eastern Canada. (Mtl).
Its Years Later - Like 35 Years, But I Will Have a Lot of "Positive Feelings" When Those Chinook Winds Blow Over those Rockies and Blow Down Across the Foothills/Valleys and Blow into Calgary and Southern Alberta. It Just Makes a Huge Difference in the Way Things Go.
When I See Those Chinook Arches Across the Sky, Can't Help to Feel Positive
in Outlook. and Feelings Really.
My Little Corner of North America? Nothing Like it Anywhere.

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