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as we lie in the still of your bedroom, our hearts beating as one i find my mind searching for the answer i know i want to be with you my heart tells me so my body feels it but mind says no. the distance its a killer but everyday i seem to think of what you mean to me more and more i find myself drawn to you like a magnet to metal. so much i cant tell you cause the words dont come out right, so much i want to show you but again its the distance that makes us so far apart tonight. i smell your scent through the chill of the night as i stare at the stars i feel your hands on my body i ache with longing to feel you deep within me. the yearning is driving me insane to the point i need release from it. still as i watch the sky unfold to a new day a new dawn im reminded of how far apart we are and how my thoughts will carry me through yet another day. if i could just hold you just one more mere moment it could last forever our love would go on forever but that cant happen that wont happen that dream has sailed its course for the distance is too far and wide i sigh as i stare at the last star blinking out of view and i kiss you one last time knowing ill see you in heaven soon!