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looking - Looking for LOVE!!!

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any gay lads want to meet up have a chat and drink


You need to tell us more about what you are looking for. Where you live things like that so people can answer you back..


ok i in jacksonville fl just some one for sex some times and play pool with


you aint backwards in coming forwards are you Nothing like being blunt and to the point Good luck in your quest Seems like friendship or respect matters just the sex part its no wonder gay guys are thought to be fickle


i agree with you paul people theyes days dont want to get to know people thay just want to shag and how i know that is becouse i use to be like it not eny more tho i like to get to know people then the sex part you dont know what your sleeping with other whise just have a little respect for your selfs lads becouse if not then no one els will respect you for you no wouldner us gay and bi lads get called dirty and stuff theres no wounder with people like yous im just being honist here