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Sweet Dreams of Torment - Your WRITES

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So I haven't written in awhile, I haven't had inspiration to write well, or at least I don't think it was well, but I decided to start really putting my thoughts down on paper. And I attempted to write a short story... or well it started out as a poem but it didn't flow quite right so I changed it into a short story or whatever the crap this is.
Sorry if it's not any good and it's totally incredibly depressing because it expresses how I feel.. which yeah just tell me what you think please? I need to improve my ability to write so feedback is loved.

Sweet dreams of Torment

I can’t sleep anymore. When I do I dream of you and when I wake I wish I never had. The dreams taunt me with the life I had, the one of perfection, of pure bliss, but I open my eyes to the sun streaming in and the dark shows it casts upon my heart and I realize I will never get that life back. The sun light is the very reminder that I’m alive, that my wish to never wake has gone, yet again, unheard and unfulfilled.
I lie awake at night thinking of you. My being aches to see your face, hear your voice, and feel your hands in mine. Dreams quench my longing, so you can imagine my pain when my eyes open. But there is one pain worse than waking, one painful thought that pulls at my heart and makes my wish to stay dreaming changing into more than a longing, more than a want, but a desperate pleading, an urgent demand. And that demand is this, my love: You sleep like the angel you are and you wake without a care in the world. Oh, how I envy you, to remain unscratched by my desperate hands pining for your heart, while your fingers have not just stolen mine, but lost it in your very existence.
Yes, you could care less about dreams, they neither tease nor torture you of a life you wish you had once again. Like your dreams I’m just a mere breeze floating through the back of your mind, but like my dreams, my darling, you surround my very being, haunting my endlessly in the most delicious way. In my dreams I feel the sweet moments of happiness I once had, I meet the you that I used to be mine. But cruel life wakes me, ripping that life from my hands. I’m awake, I’m aware, you’re not mine, but I’m still yours, and my heart throbs in my chest in agony.
Dreams that once were brilliant looks into my happy life have now become a reminder of the nightmares that awaits me as I open my eyes. When my eyes close at night I don’t sleep, I die, an when I wake I’m nothing but a hallow shell of the person who’s mind you once poisoned with a love you threw away.




Nice storyline instead of dark dreams where if in real life your introvert you built castles in the sky only with the cruel light of day bringing you back to life their is hope for you yet, for some that time has come and gone leaving only the dark with only music can part the shadows of light & dark


Beautiful imagery that tells a story of poignant love lost.