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10 Things You Like To Do With Her - Your WRITES

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Is there any 10 things you like to do w your gf, or w the one you like? Share w us, If you do (:

1. Getting to know her - Being her friend, talk to her when she needs someone. You can asks her about her favorites, get to know her dislikes. Accept her cute personalities. Be w her anytime when she reaches out.

2. Hold her hand - I know in many r/s, people will talk about making love n having sex (OMG! It is so not me to even mention but .. lol o_O Just read on please .. haha) .. I also m aware It is important for many couple of those who have friends w benefits affair but are you really (deep down), are you happy? Anyhow, this is the only thing I could ever wish, is to hold her hand anywhere we're going, even watching a movie, n of course lol - maybe kissing... But still I stick to my principle(okay fine, If you have doubts, yes I do wanna kiss her lol ) I still wanna hold her hand (: ..
PS: Even If I really wanna kiss her, I won't kiss n tell :P lol

3. Walk her home - Idk...... Idk why I think I like to do that not all the time though (lol) .. There are guys friends n some close female friends that walk me home. But I really like to walk her home. Just walking w her, It is just so sweet n romantic.

4. Like her Likes - There could be things you have never done, but she is doing, so do everything that she likes. Eat her fav food, try her desserts that she makes, listen to the songs that she sings (not for you though but supports her) .. Being w her, also letting you learn new things, new favorites.

5. Text her - Be the first to text her. Even a simple "Good Morning" , or "Hey, I just got up so I bet you're still sleeping - lol" Just send her a message n let her know that when she checks her messages, that would mean someone is thinking about her. Of course, before you go to bed, or If she is going to bed before you, say "Goodnight" to her or simple "Sweetsweet dreams" "xoxo" (lol)

6. Listen to her - When she is talking about something, sharing w you her life, listen to her n letting her know you're always around, is enough to make her feel like wherever she is, she can still reach you. Focus on talking to her. Never try multi-task. That would make her feel like you're not sincere. Why would anyone say "I love you" but watching the tv programmes :') Right? lol - So pay attention.

7. Share w each other about ex(es) - If you truly like someone, genuinely, there is no way jealousy could come in the way, even If she is talking about her ex gf. Who doesn't have ex(es) to talk about, to share? So why can't you accept when she is talking about her ex? When you even mentioned the slightest about your ex gf to her too. So share w each other about your ex(es), about your life too.

8. Laughing w her - Have a slight sense of humor, especially when she needs most is a laugh when she has a bad day? Bad day at work? When she is exhausted? Even If your jokes could be lame enough, make her the only person that can laugh w you, that will be more than anything so much meaningful to just have a laugh w her.

9. Write to her - You can type on an email w your friends. Sometimes do you actually realize that writing to her means you're so willing to spend time to make an effort to write to her n tell her your feelings. You can write to your friends talking about things you do in life. But writing to her makes you feel that you're just thinking of her n wanted her to know how you feel. Writing shows extra genuine sincerity that you wanted much to let her know how much you really really really like her.

10. Date her - lol .. Why would I say date her? Uhumm.. B/c If you really like someone, ask her out, date her. Above of all, do all the 10 things that you wanna do w her, for her. And when you like someone, even If she doesn't feel the same as you do, you can still be friends w her n be there for her when she needs you to. Every r/s starts w a beautiful friendship.

Written By Ella


I'm not sure I have a list
I just wish she was here with me so I could hold her hand
Share her day and say I understand
Show her how much I care
Look at how beautiful she is and try not to stare
Tell her I love her and I need her to always be there
Wipe away her tears with my kisses
And hope that when she's not here
It's me she misses.
She is in my heart and in my soul
When I'm with her she makes me feel whole
I could go on and on but she just wants to be friends
So I guess it's all up to her but my love has no end.


@Eu Eu, when you mentioned Number 2, you will have to specifically tell me holding her hand or ??? I might misread :P hahahahhahhaa O_opsss I m really really just kidding Sweetie (lol) .. Okay.. Number 5 huh.. I will inbox you my number :P hahahahhahaha .. so you can try text me every morning XD just to practise. Okay m I getting lamer here lol I m really joking lol .. Okay no more jokes :P lol Write to me n date me b/c I m so available on Monday n Tuesday after work though lol Wednesdays to Saturdays - hell - for my work :') lol .. Sunday is for my Mummy ^________^ .. Again, please I m joking again (lol) Write to her n tell her things, like what you like to do in your life, It doesn't have to be you know, love letter, If you know what I mean. As for dating her, It can be a casual hanging out (:

@Carol : The girl who someday gonna be the one who is doing these for you will be so lucky to have you by her side. I wish I could hold someone's hand too, give her a hug when she wants to, even when she is talking about her ex gf, I'll so give her a hug n let her know she is not by herself. I won't stare at her (lol) I will just look into her eyes, like I always do for my ex(es) O_o can't believe I just said that lol .. Yeah that is so important, that's how the uhummm connection n feelings n when you look into her eyes, all you see is yourself only, n she is also in your eyes. I will wipe her tears w my hands n when It snows, I will hold her hand b/c she doesn't like the snow. And she doesn't like to put on gloves haha .. so I will be her gloves (:


Yeah, just holding her hand lol, What are you thinking??? xD i know you are joking..:'D hehehe, Um, write to you? haha how do i do that hunny? Lol..


i'd like to add
wake up to her
grow old with her
share my day with her


Well lots of nice rules ella but how does one not scare them of in the first place most seem to misunderstand me so i usually stand off like jillian latest poem about snow & ice with time it gets easier being alone in reality only a few i share with now even sorted family seeing posts now , oncemore a wraith or ghost, Tommy will know what i mean but find it difficult walking away from real people on a site i like or friends that i met here, even the ones that dont like me,still better thanked some.


Better than some. I meant. Phone driving me nuts both for here and fb,miss the laptop but at least this is mobile so sorry for mistakes in post


Yes i do know what you mean ......... Tommy lol xxx


Vary good Ella,
Texting each and every day
i find is a vary big must .......

This i find help`s a lot with the
Bonding process ..............


@Eu Eu (lol) Pheeewwww... Holding hands :') okay okay :P I might have misread XD hahahahahahhaa .. woooo .. lol .. Sweetie, you can inbox me If you wanna write to me lol.. I m definitely kidding. Write to her someday when you think you're ready. Sometimes you will be even surprise that a letter works better than telling her n I love writing (lol) .. I m born to be a writer hahahahahaha (o_Opsss does that sound like I m bragging??? lol )

@Sarah : Sending all my blessings to you n your gf ^___________^ xx
PS: haha.. I think Imma gonna grow old myself though :')

@Ailean: hahaha everywhere we go, we're busy w technology.

@Tommy: Thank you, Tommy. Yes lol .. text messages are so important. Like sending It to her before she sends to me (:

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