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Writings of a child - Gay Guys! <3

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Just found the first ever books I wrote as a child, a young child of 9, typing away with my wild imagination - the books are called - Time to look into the eyes of death or TTLITEOD for short :P - yes, only young and wasn't too good with names, basically the books were a 15 part series - 15 books, each are 10 pages or over, I remember typing them up all the way to number 7 anyway then my PC broke down and I had no choice but to write them by hand, I lost them until now, I've found them I'm typing them up on the PC, I've just read them and thinking about my imagination as a child, and the fact that this hobby has stuck on me 11 years later, of course now I'm writing a lot more serious books that hit on hard touchy subjects.

So basically TTLITEOD goes across the life of a boy named Richard and his family, Richard is 12 years old and has gotten involved with a witch called Wuya who wishes to rule the world, Richard is the only one who stands in her way, in the series we see Richard grow up as the book spans around 2 years of his life, in a desperate battle between good and evil, but in the end who wins? The fate of the world is on the line!

I'm actually happy to send these books to anyone who wishes to read them, just excuse the grammar and spelling in 1 - 7 as I was young, 8 onwards should be better because that is where I started to type them from paper.
If anyone wishes to read the series send me a message with your E-Mail and I'll send them on.
At the time of this typing number 9 is still being typed from paper


Yeah, like I said in the above post I'm still writing and have been for 11 years now


Cool! I would like to see some of your earlier stuff and perhaps samples of your recent more serious work that deals with touchy subjects. I like that kind of material. You can send me samples at bruceterrell33@gmail.com or reach me on skype at bruceterrell33 Thanks!


Well, I'm a Chinese and my English is not very good, but I still want to read your story, could you sent it to me?


Hi Richard. I just read one of your stories and loved it. I will give you more feedback soon.