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That perfect one - Gay Guys! <3

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I have been reviewing what I would consider a perfect partner, obviously there needs to be love, care, affection and trust in the relationship but also other things I'd like to have would be:

General interest in WWF Attitude Era - So I can have someone who would cuddle me while we watch my good old WWF Attitude Era DVDs (also an odd wrestle wouldn't go a miss ;D)

Interest in games, old and new - Able to share tips and help each other out if need be and also team up in 2 player mode

Likes reading - As you all know I write books quite a lot and I also love to read, it is essential for him to read but I'd love someone who could recommend books for me

Cooking - I love a cooking boyfriend, I'm crap at cooking and can only cook basic things, so if my boyfriend could cook and teach me how to cook things then I'd absolutely love it

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Adele, Jessie J - He doesn't need to love these ladies as much as I do but he must understand that nothing will stop me loving them and worshipping the ground they walk on!

Horror - If he likes horror films as much as me it would help when we pick a movie to watch!

Enjoys having a night out - I don't mean going out every night and getting absolutely rat arsed! I mean going out on certain occasion's (birthday, halloween etc...) it would be great to have a boyfriend who knows how to have a laugh

Enjoys animes such as Dragon Ball Z, Xiaolin Showdown and Code Lyoko - now this one is quite specific but it would be great to have a boyfriend who would watch these with me since I've seen every episode and know them word for word (I shit you not!)

Now these are just a few I've jotted down off the top of my head, obviously finding someone who likes all of these would take up too much time and I would obviously miss out on meeting some lovely amazing people so no when looking for a boyfriend I don't need all of these - because to perfection is not all this, my perfection is happiness and if I'm happy with him then that's perfect enough for me.
The reason why I don't want him to have all these is because if I have EVERYTHING in common with my boyfriend then the relationship would get very boring, to have an interesting relationship you need a balance of common interest and uncommon interest that way it keeps the relationship fresh and interesting and that makes for a lovely healthy relationship.
So, yeah, my perfect partner is someone who makes me happy and who I can make happy in return (love, care, affection and trust is also included in the happiness!) and if he likes some of the things I've jotted down then that's a lovely bonus

Just wanted to shove this down guys, needed it to go somewhere!


I challenge you, TO A XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN!!! My orb of tornami for your shroud of shadows! lmao we should talk


I prefer the Golden Tiger Claws, the game is Light Tag, first to get caught in the light beam loses!


aaand just to keep things interesting i also wager my changing chopstix for your mind reader conch. Winner take all! GONG YE TEMPAI!


Don't forget about the Sheng Y Wu switch-a-roo! :P


NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :@ lol :P