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Firefox/Hotmail!. - Gay Guys! <3

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Tues., Jan 8th/13, 13:50 Hrs. M.S.T. Hi Group, I'm Using This Group for Ideas. Hopefully There are Others Who Use Both "Firefox" as Well as "Hotmail". for Emails. Sound Familiar? I Switched to Firefox Years Back because I was Fed Up With "Internet Explorer" Freezing all the Time so It Seamed. Never Have Problems on "Firefox ' Just a few Odd Time and Thats It. I've Used "Hotmail" for All My Hobbies/Interests for 13 Years (99) to Present 2012. On Firefox I Can't Access Hotmail. Just Says Log into "Outlook" etc, etc, Have No Ideas How It Works - YET Does Anyone Know? Surprisingly I'm Able to Get into Hotmail on "Internet Explorer", "Net Scape" and Opera. - so Far, SO GOOD. For NOW I'm Using OPERA to Access My Hobbies (Emails sent to Hotmail) from My Yahoo Groups. I'd Rather NOT Switch and Open New Emails on Yahoo. Just Like to Know How Others are Handling Hotmail on Firefox - If You Can Get into It - Good Luck. Tnx., Operator.


Yes, I can access my Hotmail account through the Firefox browser. I've read your piece but regret I'm not able to offer any suggestions. ..... Sounds like your problem is with some switch in a Setting somewhere....????


I have one machine that when I click on a link to this site fomr HOTMAIL IE freezes. I have to shut down IE and it will continue until i reboot. I do know I have some serious issues with the machine and its something wrong in Win xpPRO but I have so many programs on their that if I wipe the drive and reload it will be MONTHS before it work correctly. I have a spare computer that will be easier to format and relaod from scratch. Right now I am on an auxiliary computer and IE works fine on here and Hotmail.

I understand HOTMAIL it to be scrapped by Microsoft? WHY do they continue to fix things that are not broke? Like the latest flavor of Windows got rid of the tart menu/button. DOn't fix that which is not broken.


On my Lap Top i can get Both ....