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I go back in time and remember the moments that seem like dreams

But how could i forget those moments so extreme:

That was our love in one word to describe, now i think back and just wonder why

But this is a good memory that waited in time, when it came you become mine:

In my room, bed so soft and sleek, pillows everywhere but my eyes just on your's

I waited so long and now i can feel your skin, this is making love, not sex as a sin:

This is my love and yours being brought to life, filled with energy, filled with delight

I could stay there forever looking into your eyes, your breath so heavy i could die

Your legs wrapped around me, and my body and yours, soft, slow, as you yurn for more

Your arms on my back, a whole new experience at the human core:

I wanted you forever after we were done, you could'a been mine and i would've called you hun:

I could see it in you, you were happy i took it, and i was proud to say this should'a been my first, our whole lives were starting, just as rehearsed

i enjoyed every second of our love, forever and a lifetime i will remember that day

Something sparked, like 2 doves just met the same way:


body and soul

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