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Indecisive- - Your WRITES

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I don't have any crush for the past 2 years, and i forget how it feels to fall in love..really. but recently, something change me. restless, nervous, panic whenever you cross my mind. in doubt whether or not you are part of this. i thought it was just a quick sparks and thinking I'll get over it by staying away from you. i manage to do it, which was only two days. i just cant now, i don't have the strength to stop thinking about you. damn it, i hate this feeling. the one person you want to secretly date but know it will never happen. im am a no cup of your tea.we are definitely have different path of life and wont be together. i don't like rejection, so i think im just gonna be around and hoping you with a better person because love's one happiness is more important than your own.

*dont be a loser like me, with zero guts.


Sounds like either a 'crush' or you have fallen in lovek you have, like me in the past was always up for atleast thingor a challenge. My only tip is make sure they love you more than you love them, but depends on what sort of relationship you're looking at.


I wish you all the best.


Cool, I can so relate!