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Hey everyone, I'm writing a blog for Gays.com and I would love to have your input about what you think about Trust within relationships and the effect the Internet has on it.

Do you have or have ever had trust issues arise because of the Internet?
Do you see trust being a problem because of the Internet?
Do you think we are less or more trusting as a society than say, 10/20 years ago?

Thanks...I will quote ya if you don't mind, but if you'd rather I didn't, just say so in your reply.



The internet can definitely make a difference, especially if you have a jealous or suspicious partner!

I was with somebody once and kept all my gay dating profiles, and I did keep checking out other guys... but I wasn't actually meeting them. Maybe that was naughty of me, but my partner found out and went crazy and assumed I was cheating straight away. He didn't trust me but i guess my behaviour didn't help, he he!

On the other hand, one of my ex's left their Hotmail open and I was doubting them myself... so I had a good sniff through their inbox, he he he!

And then there's Facebook, creating a whole new realm of jealousy! Looking at your partner's profile and viewing people's comments on their posts and pictures (who ARE those people?! WHEN did they meet?!) Just WHO is that next to your bf/gf in that pic. GRRRRRRRRR!

Definitely less trusting thanks to the internet :P


Trust is a vary big thing when it comes to Relationships ..........
With out trust,then there is no Relationship ........

As for doing my Banking via the internet, i will never ever do,
The reason is that i don`t Trust the internet as the Hacker`s are getting better all the time ......


@Tommy too true! But here's a question, do you believe trust should be there from the beginning? Or should it be built up gradually? And if trust is broken, do you think it can't be regained?
As for banking, I've been banking online foreverrrrrr and never once had a problem, yet I have had a problem with my credit card being used because someone in a shop decided to use my CC number for his own personal use! Yikes!
@Calvin, it's true, the Internet has brought on a new type of jealousy...as for people leaving their accounts open on your computer...well, possession is nine tenths of the law, right? So nothing naughty with have a look through! hehehehe


Trust is a two way thing,and i think that it should be a vary
gradual thing to do,all at the same time as you are getting
to know each other.

On the other hand if your gut feeling tell you not to trust a person.
on your first meeting ... Then you don`t... You just then walk away ...

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