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Memories happy sting! - Gay Guys! <3

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My ex has just uploaded pictures of when we went to Thorpe Park back in July with two mates.
It's given me a happy sting - happiness from the memories, but the sting from how we used to be.
I need to cry but can't, there's like a block, stopping me.
It's really weird, and now these photo's have somehow started to make me want to get him back, and I really want him back, I love him and I miss him, I want my Ben back! I love him too much just to let him go without a fight!
I need to do this!


If you want something in life, you got to go out there and get it! Certain times it may seem hopeless, like it's never going to happen, but don't give up, if you give up you'll never get it! Keep going and eventually you will!


There has to be a reason you broke up. That being the case, you need to analyze whether it was his behavior or yours, or both. Once you focus on that, analyze: WHAT guilty party is ever EVER going to change? People are creatures of habit, and unless it is YOU willing to make a 100% and permanent change, and make it evident by months of constancy, it is doubtful it would be right to try to reunite. The same would be true if it was his change in question. People need to be very stable and mature before they try to involve another person so that they don't drag t hem down.


I'm in the same boat as you Richard - have been for nearly two years now. My Ex left me, still not 100% sure why, but it's something he says he had to do. Yes, I love him just as much to this very minute - but think I've finally accepted its not my choice - yes I'd take him back today :-)
Just the way life unfolds............


Follow your heart and hope for the best. I hope it works out for you!


Richard the fact he uploaded them says something, I'd go real REAL SLOW and see what happens...


Richard ..I wish you luck with that ..and as Dave says ..Taking it slow/seeing what happens ..but. most importantly to be prepared to accept whatever the reality of the situation truly is. It can go either way ..how I know!!! All the best, mate!


i loved someone now for twenty years. i love him the first time i saw him i had sex with him one time i gave him a blow job i was in heaven. he,s married to a girl now but i still love him and were still friends and i only wish the best for him. some times you just have to move on