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A conundrum... - Gay Guys! <3

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OK, can anyone find sense in this?... On an internet dating site, someone sends you a message saying they think you're wonderful and want to meet... So... You check out their profile and there's no picture and only the barest details... So... You reply saying "Thanks, but do you have a photo"... So... They block you!

One question: Do these people go out to the club wearing paper bags on their heads? LOL


I agree. I had this guy in the UK dom that. Well he DID have a pic. I replied and asked his age. He sends me a 2 page email admitting he is in another country but thinks I am wonderful etc. Once I am lied to thats it! If this guy blocked you as I see it he did you a favor. If he is too shallow to post a pic forget him! I refuse to even reply to someone with no pic...


Yes they do. And in the privacy of the bedroom they expect to coninue to
wear the paper bag over their head as you give them a BJ. LOL


I have to wear a paper bad over my head I am ugly and besides to be honest all I find is players and people that play head games, I am starting to believe that these men will not love me unless I am a DOG! That's all they seem to want is the ones that play games lie to you ad take advantage of you,

they say they are looking for a relationship but they get a good guy they dump you real fast if your not abusive take their money and sleep around on them..
Im not a whore. How ever I do have a real cutie that has hit me up on here from across the pond in England..


You are not ugly. It sounds as if you are being over sensitive and reacting to
the feedback you are getting from these highly vocal players. Don't grant them
this "authority" over you and you may find that there is someone close to you
that you didn't even notice (too obvious) that see's the beauty that you


The dating sites are full of fools. They talk the talk but never walk the walk. I quickly learned, no face pic, no meeting. They are usually a nightmare figuring you will whang-dang-doodle them all night long cuz you met them, WRONG. Pics are no guarantee either, it's amazing when they think you are meeting a dreamboat and some skanky old tug shows up figuring you'll do it anyway, WRONG. Or that the pics posted were from twenty years ago and what's the difference, OH SO WRONG!

A few were just as they said, and while brief it was a pleasure to be their man. Then there are the cockteasers who send you volumes of XXX pics and videos of themselves never to keep a date with you. The voyeurs who want nothing but XXX pics of you.. Then, worst of all are the scammers trying to chisel you out of money for a wild array of wild stories.

Trying to meet a nice guy, for a relationship or even a hookup is so difficult. I just want a nice guy, whose decent looking with a sense of humor, a gentle soul and a good sex drive, sorry I'm a practical man, with a good imagination, sorry, I'm a naughty man.

They probably need to wear bags, A sack on their head and a body bag for the cadaver. Where good hygiene, or any hygiene would help them, some grooming, no one looks good til they done tarted themselves up for the day, and a nice smile would go a long way!


Interesting convo hear guys. I quite agree with all the above. I think we shud revert back to before Internet Era. You meet loads of strange ppl, some pedos etc., For me, if I want to meet a potential partner, my local gay bar for sex and/or my local LGBT communirtty for my future dream guy. Don't get me wrong, social networking sites like Gays.com a perfect way to meet friends, networking when ur moving countries or just simply friends. By all means.

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