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My Erotic Confession - Your WRITES

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an EROTIC poem by Renee' Summers, she always had a way with words that made you feel as if you were apart of her words......

My Erotic Confession
By Renee’

I'll gently touch your hand
As you'll give me a look
A look that will enslave my wildest dreams
I'll raise my lips to kiss and enchant your mouth
With the caress of an eager tongue
That searches’ your wet and hungry mouth
Seeking your secret places

Onto your elegant breasts
I'll lay my hands and create light impressions
To match and twin the marks of submission
Which earlier you left on my back
Your breasts so erect
They swell and talk with hardened tips
They stir, and desire to dance under my lips
Accompanied by the rhythms of heartbeats
And the melancholy moans
I play these instruments of enticement
A sweet tune of gentle caressment

I'll keep my eyes on yours
On your soft skin my hands will stray
The look on your face
As if you are being kissed by angels
Your skin feels smooth and silky
All of my senses are infatuated with you
Each one ravished in delight
My body prepares your soul for an eternal night
In reaction, deep breaths, gasps, sighs and wetness inside
Load cries from your erogenous instincts
Orgasmic hands form an arch in your back
You’re a prisoner of lust
Sentenced to enjoyment and ecstasy
You hold your eyelids closed
As ecstasy takes control

My hands surround by your legs
Parting them in a gentle but forceful manner
Exposing your sweet inviting lips
I see the wetness and smell that sweet sent
My tongue laps eagerly at the wetness on your mound
Your screams of enjoyment echo through the room

With each stroke of my tongue
The moaning from your lips grow louder
No more resistant do you have
As the gush of your heavenly nectar flows
Suckling and lapping I drink it all
My face is dipped with the essence of your bonded love

So to you my goddess I do confess
My soul…
Is enslaved by your beauty
Bound by your body
Tortured by your existence
Punished by your love
Is forever yours to keep

So if your innocence is in danger
Then I have succeeded in your pleasure
For once you have lain with me
As I am a prisoner of your ecstasy
You will be a prisoner of my lust
Remember, that sentence is long
Together the prison time we’ll both endure


thanks jillian very nice, and invoking the blessings of goddess, thats nice

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