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Where to find a boyfriend? - Gay Guys! <3

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Does anyone know any decent places to go out in the midlands on the gay scene? or any dating sights other than here? Or is there any offers LOL!!


Pity you're across the pond, or I'd make you an offer! You look like an angel when you sleep and your very handsome in a suit, and I bet you're taller than me. I once had a guy who was 6'4" and I could rest my head on his shoulder while we slow danced. No wonder all my boyfriends like to do that to me.

8 hours ago by Tristram Goncalves


Dude No offense but you are BLOWING UP MY EMAIL IN BOX WITH ALL THESE POSTS ........ Try gay.com OR planetromeo.com or Even you might try BODO or something along those lines .. I really DO know how you feel but IF IT;'S SOMETHING TRUE that you are Looking for then YOU HAVE TO COMPLETELY UNEQUIVOCALLY GIVE UP YOUR SEARCHING TRUE LOVE WILL FIND YOU WHEN IT IS YOUR TIME ....... TRUST ME I SEARCHED FOREVER AND NEVER REALIZED IT WAS RIGHT BEFORE MY OWN EYES ... AND I am Happy to say That my Partner and I have been happily together since November of 1999 ................ IT IS OUT THERE FOR YOU JUST BE PATIENT OR IT WILL PASS RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES AND ONCE YOU MISS IT WELL WHO KNOWS WHEN IT MAY PASS BY AGAIN ..I will try to find some other sites for you to check out of you Since I am on many myself seeking FRIEND And I am beginning to learn those Too are Very hard to Find as well anyway GOOD LUCK IN YOUR SEARCH I DO HOPE THAT LOVE FINDS YOU SOON ........ THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ALONE OR TO SUFFER A,LONE .................. Tom

11 hours ago by Thomas D. Emm

I think, that if you are referring to the guy with like 20 posts of the same exact thing, that it is probably some glitch with his computer or this buggy software on gays.com. Some sites if you hit enter x amount of times, it will post x amount of times. I'm sure the owner can just delete the redundant posts?

1 hour ago by Marcos Aguirre