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Sorority with Self - Your WRITES

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Among wooden planks I paced pondering the newest propositions
And it is here I found some girl in light’s prisms
This poor wisp of a wonder weathered at the face for worry
Perhaps contemplating life’s worth or the worthy
Somehow we symphonized on sorrows and situations
Finding kindness in opinions and specific fixations
Alas an attraction to an attachment I could not abandon
A partnership inevitably exist without an accusation
Truly, there isn't a turbulent or a trouble
Only triumph resides in the place where others may stumble
And suddenly something doesn't seem so right
Perhaps sanity lost it’s sight
No, none sense; this couldn't be
Reality is a nuisance but contrite, you see
This benevolent being belonged to a reflection
Betraying my sanity and beckoning question
So here I sit scrolling the story
Of someone searching for sanity and a sense of sorority

By KorynPlunket, © 2012, All rights reserved


Never before have I read such colourful words
You write in rainbows
Thank you for sharing your light here
You write beautifully


Your words are strong and descriptive.


What else can I say when Tristram n Carol had said the words I want to (lol)

Ella x^______________^x

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