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you're were right...about all of it. you were right. this is a place where horrible things happen. you were right to go. you're probably escaping disaster. look at me. i practically grew up here. and you're right...it's hurt me. in ways i'll probably never get over. i have a lot of memories of people...people i've lost forever. but i have a lot of other memories, too. this is the place where i fell in love...the place where i found my family. this is where i learned to be myself...where i learned how to take responsibility for someone else's life. and it's the place i met you. so i figure this place has given me as much as it's taken from me. i've lived here as much as i've survived here. it just depends on how i look at it. i'm gonna choose to look at it that way and remember you that way. hope you're good. you're my person. you will always be my person.


Yes ............


Very poignant