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R.I.P To Those Who Left Sandy Hook In That Cause - Your WRITES

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It was 14th of December
You all are going to school
While I am at work
To you, everything still beautiful
It was only 930 am
You are all holding your friends little hands
Getting all ready
To start your usual days
With your teachers
And all your schoolmates

All of a sudden
You hear thunder bangs
You thought It was some kind of construction
Going on in the compound
But little did you know, that monster was around

The news went on n on
For days, n for so long
Even those who are not related (to you)
Their hearts all shattered
Seeing those pictures
All the whole world begin to concern
Most feel how fortunate
(B/c they are not in the scene)

There's a song sang by Whitney Houston
The lyrics that written
"I believe the children are our future,
Teach them well n let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside"
The families that lost their children,
Not b/c they didn't taught you well
But you left, w/o a last word
The memories can never be burn
By those who remember
The day, 14th of December
You have all the people
All around the world
Not even related
But you are always loved
And always remembered

&lt R.I.P &gt Little Angels


With all my love, thought, n prayers that never end


RIP angels..

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