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Thank you

What a night
Full of passion
Full of love
A night that my love
Has taking me within her arms
And has touched me in ways that I could never have known
And then she asks me where shall I start my love?
I said I am all yours
And so she kissed me like the rain that kissed the earth

With smiles you conquer me
Beautiful yet blurry eyes you pierce my soul
I admit
Your ever so glowing skin plant sexy thoughts in me
Amazing you are
That's why you are my love
I want to stare into your eyes
And never look away

I want you to hold me in your arms
And tell me it’s okay
I want to kiss you with a passion
That only we can share
And when it all falls down
I want you to be there
God's gift to me is you
And you are the air that I breathe
I love you loads n loads
More than anyone
And anything in this world

With smiles you conquer me
With beautiful eyes you pierce my soul
Gentle is your heart
You offer love with no bounds
Amazing you are
That’s why you are my true love
Thank you
Thank you...


I thank you for your beautiful words.

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