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My Letter to God! - Your WRITES

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Life had b/come a laughing joke of a matter, with everything that I ever believed being a waste of myself. Emotionally depressed, mentally broke, and socially offended; this had become my standard of life, of which was another reason for me to fall for. Betrayed, deceived, and contradicted; I lingered around finding temporary solutions to permanent + life-long damages. Time does heal, but the scars never do the job of hiding the wounds + memories of past regrets + future deceptions. I created my world round the foundation that you have always been on my side, but since then realized that you were just another cloud of grey shades; ready to shower your acid of rejection over me. I sorrowly burned with time, slowly died of your thirst, and blinded my senses to feel your presence, knowing that you were meant to be my purest element of source.

I had b/come another verb in a sentence, where my adjective was my fear of pain, and the adverb another lullaby to make me believe it's been true all along. I am the noun that makes it seem different, because after all, my subject is just another matter of placing it rightfully in my life for it to be real, right, and roboust. Everything finally started b/coming clear to me, I had been forcing myself to a dead end and following a road with no point of return - I used to do so, but now it's all over. Now, it's completely different; b/cause I finally found a clearer path that has been shown to me, and now means a lot to me; more than anything I have ever known. A bright spectrum of rainbow strips coming together to make the map of my heart, and the flag of my life. You showered me with Your love, and I reflected You with joy; You danced in peace, and I smiled back with pure happiness; and You hugged me with a good life, and I surrendered myself to You, forever. My pains finally perished, and your love forever prevailed. After all, I'm now all yours, God. All yours. I closed my eyes, and took a mental picture of You - and has stayed in me ever since. Now, there's nothing to complain about; because You never gave me any reason to. This showed me that You ARE for real, and You flipped my life like that of the side of a coin. I'm deeply impressed, patiently touched, and ever-lastingly changed for good - I want You keep it as such, God; and should remain FOREVER. Please. Please.

Thank You, God !