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The whole world's praying for Connecticut. - Your WRITES

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To People In States,

I m not from where you come from though. All I know, when I saw the status from the list all talking about the shootings, I have no idea. I was so busy w work. So I googled n I was really shocked, also I shivered. It's a kind of fear, n just makes me feel, I m blessed to stay in where I m now - Singapore. My mum seen the news, she, too.. cried n was deeply affected by the massacre in Connecticut. Idk though. I can't ..... I mean I can't really take It when knowing such incident especially we all know, Christmas is coming. So I read the news after knowing from a long list of status about the shootings, I almost break down. i didn't sleep well n I lost my appetite.

Today when I went to work, my boss said I looked so moody today n when I told him that I just feel m blessed to stay in where I m now, when will people learn to be contented? My boss didn't know what to respond me n I assure him, I will be alright. I don't put in personal feelings in work, we can't jeopardize work w personal problems.

But, wanted much to find out the updates of the incident, I read the article again. Knowing 2 more died in the hospital, I choked. I have to control my tears b/c I was working. And when I read on, oh my Goddess.. the kids are just 5 to 10 years old, makes me more upset. They are innocent, they're merely kids. What's even heartsick? I really can't believe, the police suspect, Adam shot his Mum, too.

I just really don't understand that is why I m now writing to share w you how I felt (being blessed to stay here, no wars, no gunfights).

What makes people kill? Grudge that's buried deep in the heart? But I read, It's called evil. I m afraid to tell you It's not part of n evil. No.. It is people. Then people start to leave their senseless comments on the Yahoo news, saying why they allow licensed guns in each house n that is why people kill. What's these? My Goddess.. People start pointing fingers (again) instead of looking for a remedy.

Hatred? Grudge? Or plain psycho? And why are the kids being questioned? When they are supposed to be given some help. It's already traumatic. I can understand they are trying to look for some source out of It, but leave those poor kids alone, let them heal. They now needed more love n attention when such memory could lead them all the way til they grow up. This memory might haunt them not just on that v fateful day, It will be their entire lives.

What benefits them from killings? This is where I never understand. And perhaps can never really understand. In Singapore, they take security v seriously. Guns are only allowed for police officers. In here, the people are more fortunate yet they still bargain over a piece of shawl that cost merely $8 plus :') Yet, when the latest model of a technology pops out, they can spend hours lining up to get the best phone. I don't see them bargain for a better price for the latest model though.

There are wars in other countries, killings, murders, starvation, so many things that happen, unpredictable, yet people never stop to be greedy, take things for granted, never contented. Don't the people who plot for all the wars, killings murders have their own family? Not even parents? Or what about loved ones? What If the same thing happen to them themselves to their own family......... How can they even think about it? B/c everything before they start to have It all started, certainly they will start to plan, make plots to go on w their plans. It doesn't even occur to them? What exactly do they gain? Power? Victory? These are more important than the lives they are taking away?

PS : There's a saying here.. The needle doesn't prick on you that's why you don't feel the pain.

My heart still go to victims in Connecticut, even If I m not there. My thoughts are w them, plus sending my love n prayers to them.



Unfortunately Ella, from the news here, all of the child victims were 5 years old, a class of twenty kindergarten students. Eight more were adults, including the mother. The story keeps changing and I hate the way our media goes off half cocked spreading misinformation instead of waiting to get the facts correct.

Everybody wants changes to prevent this, but how do you prevent madness in a society that defunds mental health dollars so that the wealthiest 2% of Americans can have large tax breaks? He broke into the school, the guns are said to have been legally purchased by his mother. How do you legislate that?

Why she had such an arsenal in an upper class township, in a neighborhood of half million dollar homes is a question. What was she afraid of way out there. Newtown is a very affluent town, sandy Hook is a working class village within that town. Schools in america are already locked down all day like a prison, do we educate our children and grandchildren in windowless cement blocks?

How anyone could machine gun a classroom of 5 year old babies is beyond comprehension. Now they claim that the mother was not a teacher. I wish they would figure things out before reporting conjecture as news. Now, 28 Christmases are ruined forever. Having buried a child that died of crib death, I know how tortured each parent will be. I imagine the bulk of them will divorce before too long. The death of a child is terribly destructive to a family.


I wasn't aware of the news adjustment all the time. Exactly!! Some news not being confirmed, they start to publish It n cause a stir. But what matters, is still the victims first n I know of course most wanna see justice to be bring up, I feel help should be given instead to those victims n perhaps they are also looking for answers themselves. Guns are pretty much common to be licensed in other parts of countries. Even If I m in here, I do know that in other countries, each household at least own more than 2 guns.

What I don't really get It, is there really no such thing as peace in other countries? W/o having wars, or shootings? Well If there's a new twist in this news article that you had just mentioned, that's even shocking to have a mother educate her kids to use such weapons on little bodies who are merely 5. I m just so heartache. It's really heartwrenching not to talk about those who are in the scene when It went all chaos in that school, It's also v much heartsick for readers.

I just hope help is given to those who traumatically gotta go through. Even If the story keeps changing, the dead can't talk.


Well ella,and all it was on news 24 last night,reports seemed to vary to casualties. But a primary. School. Thats new,it does not matter. Why really,the gun. Culture. In the usa needs to change even if it means changing. The constitution. To ban all firearms. And better. Contols on the. Sale of firearms. In shops,every. Person. Felt shock at this. Atrocity, the government. And local. Authorities. Need. To make sure. It never. Happens. Again. Even if it means. Using. Emergency. Powers. To change. The law on firearms.firearm


Unfortunately Ailean, you have never met Tea Party Republicans or the NRA (National Rifle Association). For some unknown reason ven sports hunters need to have access to automatic weapons, which doesn't seem sporting for the wildlife, but we have a constitutional right to arm bears, and they are damned if that will be taken away. After all, my good woman, people kill people, not guns. Well, people with guns probably do most of it but that's not how they see it.


I seen that comment too on Yahoo when I was reading the news, I happen to read on It's discussion how angry, how devastated, how upsetting, how sad others felt. But It's not about guns. I second that w Tristram. Still ... people are the ones. If we're talking about the change, I bet (USA) won't come to n extend to ban all firearms or guns or etc...What I don't understand is, those who are behind this, surely they do have families n loved ones. And what does It help even If they questioned those kids. They can't get answers like that. Perhaps grieving families wanted some answers too.


sorry about my bad english, but i replied via phone not so easy, pc is a lot better, its not the NRA or republicans that did this, just some kid who played games, there calling him a goth, next thing he will be gay , then its our fault, and so on, even now on gaystar news is some preacher in the states saying its the school 's fault because GOD was not a member of the school, what crap, creation & god is present in all, dont need churches or preachers for that.
Over here we have had our fair share of shootings, just a bit less than the states, what is required there is control and also training so that one cant just open closet door to get weapons, they should be locked away in a vault, and only the owner knows combination to it also ammo kept separate, so its then a safety feature, and proper certification and licencing controls in place, but no-one should be able to just walk into a school, you cant do that here, in the uk, so why can you do it in the states.
These parents that lost children will never ever forget this day or any others that witnessed this at the school, that is what the killer wanted "Fame", i am sure some will remember him, i wont. he is or was a coward, if he wanted a shootout why not the police station, that is why to me he picked a primary school
some of you are asking why, what motive, that is something most will never understand anyway, but if you kill only 1 or 2, thats just murder, kill more than 3 your famous, and the younger the better, a bit of deathrace mentality i know, a while ago my son when he was young played GTA, on the pc, shocked me to find out in that game, to get money, you killed a few whores and stole there cash,so what can you do! its a culture thing w/wide, just like lgbt rights, atitudes and outlooks in society need to change.
In a few weeks i doubt if you even here about any of this on the news, and politically it will be forgotten, except by the families involved.


This has nothing to do w God. (just saying) It ain't God's work n nothing to do w evil .. B/c I don't believe evil is doing the work. Still It is people.


Ailean and Ella, you have fine points, I support them, but I was trying to clarify the situation for you. There are Federal laws and state laws, there are 50 states, each with it's own legal agenda. In Massachusetts, where I am from, all guns must be locked away, and the ammo locked up elsewhere. Being new to Connecticut, I have no idea what gun laws they have here.

In Florida, they act like they'll be arrested for not carrying a weapon, and there are no laws about locking up weapons. My father retired down there, he has a house gun, a car gun, a truck gun, and a boat gun. But my parents are not fanatics, my father does not have a trouser gun and my mother does not have a purse gun. Down there that's considered unsafe and weird.

Each of the 50 states have their own legislation and fight to make sure that Federal law never supercedes states' rights. I also agree with you about video games, I was horrorfied to learn that my grandson played Grand Theft Auto and earned money killin' hoes, drug dealers and cops. Extra points for each car that they carjacked. I was a little surprised, my daughters and daughter-in-law criticize me for allowing the kids to watch movies with swearing in them, but have no problem with all the gratuitous violence in what they allow them to watch. I'd rather have a kid who swore like a seamen than a violent offender, well I had daughters who swore like seamen, but it didn't do 'em no great ill.


The States President says he will do everything to change n I seriously hope he means It this time. The poor kids.......... Have anyone has any idea? They are all so ready to face the world, they were so happily going to school at the same time n ready to face our world n then tragedy struck n what's more? The examiner reports says most were shot more than 3 times n one of the kid .... oh my ..... my mum couldn't stop crying n weeping after she seen the kids pictures .. One of the girls was shot 11 times. Can anyone imagine the fear they had n how painful It is (to leave that way)?

This really have to put n end n only people, only people can make a difference n only people......... only people can make changes. If President Obama meant what he says, I really feel It is time for him to make changes in his country. Not just for Connecticut, Newtown... But also for the sake of all Americans.

Life matters. All lives are precious. It is not a time to point fingers. When I see comment like one of the spokesman says to the media It was an act of evil, I was mad at what he implied. The dead can't talk anyways so I don't see evil in such tragedy. All I can think about the ............. pains how the families going through right now, at this minute. It's been 4 days but to them, It seems something that never ends. This is a v upsetting tragedy.

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