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Renee’ live

Can you feel it?
The night has suddenly grown colder
Can you hear it now?
Your heart is still beating
Can you see it now?
There is a light, yet it is dimming
Where are you going?
Your mind is still strong
But your body grows weak

Are you happy here?
You show so much love
Why is your eyes filled with tears?
Is it because you will leave her alone
You have opened that door
Why do you walk away?
To leave your pain and suffering behind
Let me in, don’t turn away now

Why make things harder than they are?
You enjoy the simplicities of life
Did you have a dream?
Of the radiant light that shines ahead
Are you alone?
There is so much love around you
The light is a trick of your senses

Why are you leaving?
Say good bye to Renee’
When will we see you again?
There is an eternity ahead of you
Grab firmly to life
Hold on to it right now
Although you are trembling
Go to the window
See the sunlight
Drink it all up

Is the poison filling your blood?
Fight for your mere existence
Is your body weak?
Get up and take control
Stop your preparations for leaving
Unpack your bags of life
Stick to your firm commitments
Honor your promises
Live your life to its fullest
Don’t give up Renee’

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