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THAT TIME OF YEAR - Gay Guys! <3

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Well, it's tht time of year n ppl like me hve no one to spend this special time of year with. No family, no friends, n no lover. I'm nt looking for anyone to feel sorry for me but what I do wnt is for y'all to remember tht if u hve those things b happy n remember how bless u r. When u get those unwanted gifts nt bitch too much cause again my ppl aren't getting anything from anyone special. Come midnight on New Years Eve we won't have the party to go to r get tht kiss @ midnight. We may drink alone n watch it on TV. So again n closing remember n tht if u hve friends, family, n a lover count ur blessings.


WHAT.... SAY AGAIN MARK..... YOU DONT HAVE ANY ONE? WHAT AM I CHOPPED LIVER? you know danm well you are welcome at any time babe


Oh, thx sweetie but I live n STL n tht's a gd many miles away


Hey I too am alone. Christmas was fun when I was a kid but not anymore. Infct the season can be very depressing. My happiest day is December 26th as it means the misery is over for another year! When you don;t have a family and no kids to share Christmas with the fun is gone..

I know what Scrooge feels like but in my case I DO give to help the less fortunate.