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Why Homosexuals Deserve Equality Rights in Christian America - The Gay Christian Network

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Finally after struggling to develop thought evoking literature that conveys a powerful message about the gift of equality and liberty, Jesus, bestowed upon humanity; I, author B. L. Fowler finally feels secure with my 2012 Lambda Literary Foundation Contest entry. After all, Why Homosexuals Deserve Equality Rights envelopes a buffet of appetizing information that is sure to titillate any reader’s senses, while empowering them with well researched data compiled from U.S. Supreme Court rulings, state Constitutional laws, and so many more scholarly resources.

In fact, I was blessed to include personal testimony from CBS Survivor Series winner, Richard Hatch, who is not only openly gay, but an advocate for LGBT issues. Plus, I include a testimony from Professor Mel SeaSholtz, who confesses that he, too, is openly gay. But more importantly, this riveting book shares my personal struggle learning how to unleash my demons that once held me captive and prevented me from stepping from beyond closed doors and sharing my compassionate and sincere literary articulations with the world.

Yet even with this astounding development, I’m at a lost as to how I am to reach my target audience. After all, so many Americans are still apprehensive about discussing same sex love, so why would you care about supporting Why Homosexuals Deserve Equality Rights? Well first of you, you should support this creative artistry, because you want valid information that not only empowers, but educates you about American civil liberties. Second, you should support this endeavor because doing so will help Positive Light for Positive Living HIV Disclosure Mission reach its financial goals. But most important, you should support this book, because it’s Christmas. So please, order a copy today… http://www.amazon.com/Why-Homosexuals-Deserve-Equality-Rights/dp/1469949490/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1354784548&sr=1-3&keywords=Professor+Stanley+Defends+The+Word+of+God