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Red Ribbon Dare - Get HAPPY

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Red Ribbon DARE

The red ribbon is worn to signify awareness and support for people living with HIV.
I have a dare for you who are brave enough.
Have you seen the movie "Calendar Girls"

Here's the story for those who don't know it.
When Annie Clarke's husband John dies from leukaemia at an early age, her close friend Chris Harper, anxious to purchase a comfortable sofa for the visitors lounge in the hospital where he was treated, hits upon the idea of printing a calendar featuring some of the members of the Knapely chapter of the Women's Institute discreetly posing nude while engaged in everyday activities, such as baking and knitting, in order to raise funds. Her proposal initially is met with great skepticism, but she eventually convinces ten women to participate in the project with her. They enlist one of the hospital workers, an amateur photographer named Lawrence, to help them with the concept.
The head of the local Women's Institute chapter refuses to sanction the calendar, and Chris and Annie go to a national congress of the Women's Institute in London to plead their case. They are told the final decision rests with the local leader, who grudgingly agrees to the calendar's sale. The initial printing quickly sells out, and before long the tiny village is bombarded with members of the international media anxious to report the feel-good story.

So it's time to take a picture for red ribbon day and let's have a little fun with it people
Please place those red ribbons carefully. The pictures have to be tasteful or tasty lol.
World aid day is December the first so take a picture and use it for your profile pic here.


I love that!!!

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