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Untitled Written by Catdreams (Carol Wheeler) for her love Renee’ - Poetry Group

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Untitled Written by Catdreams (Carol Wheeler) for her love Renee’

I awoke in the night
Not with tears in my eyes
But a glimmer of hope did I feel
Will happiness visit me again?
Will she answer my cries?
Will my heart stop being torn apart
Maybe it was my dreams
Yes that must be it
I'm still dreaming
I still feel the love
She is sending to me down from above
For with her I always knew
The glimmer of hope
That is what angels do
They give you hope
In your hour of need
She hands me a rope
I hold on with my eyes closed tight
What dreams will my angel give me tonight?
I must go back into my dreams
Morning light is not yet here
So back to sleep with my angel
Where all my troubles just disappear
She holds my hand and we take flight
Too far off lands into the night
I look into her eyes so blue
I am helpless what can I do
She smiles at me
And together we are free
I think I'm going to like being your Cat


I can't read this without the tears falling like rain again.
She still takes my breath away
Nope sorry can't write with tears in my eyes.

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