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For a girl who doesn't like politics, this is weird. - Your WRITES

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What have we become? Have we really stooped so low as to sell our own children; to be guarded of ourselves, and to never be open to the idea of others? Did we not fight for this country in order to save it; or have we simply fought out of greed? I awake each day with a thought on my mind, never the same, but always there. I suppose it doesn't matter, anyways. We all work so hard to keep ourselves standing, that we never let ourselves fall. Fall in love, hope for something greater than ourselves, keep ourselves from drowning, but not swimming. We've lost it all in our quest for more. We fight against our own people, against other countries, against the world, and what for? So we can be proud that we got our way? That we, as individuals, didn't let our ideas get pushed aside even though the other outcome was better for everyone? Out of the infinite ways to run a country, I never thought we'd settle for running it into the ground.

{{ I don't know where this came from, but there it is. I don't mean to offend anyone with this, and if I do, I sincerely apologise. I tend to think of open writing forums as a place for me to express myself or even just a fleeting thought I have that will probably mean nothing in a few minutes. I don't really talk to my friends or family about anything, so it's actually quite nice to put it down somewhere and have a form of discussion about it. I don't mind if I get criticized because my life isn't going to be over if someone says "I don't agree with you." }}