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When did you know you were in love as a lesbian female and how did it feel.


A girl who was a few years younger than me started working at the same place as me, we didn't talk much at work, but then I went out for a friends birthday, and she happened to have mutual friends, and also came out.
After the night out, she was tagged in some of the photos on facebook, so i thought i'd add her, just generally to talk about the night out, and ask how she knew the friends who birthday it was. When we had been talking a while on facebook, I found out she didn't have the best of home lives, so i offered to take her to the cinema so she could get out of the house which we did. By this point we were also texting each other, at every chance possible.
After being to the cinema the third time together, we were driving back, and she said ''I'm not ready to go home yet, lets find somewhere to park'' So after finding somewhere to park, we just talked for hours, and eventually i dropped her home at 4 in the morning. We then started meeting up every weekend, and found a spot near where i live where i'd park, and we'd talk, gave her back massages, she'd massage my hands, i bought a portable dvd player, and duvets so we could watch films, just anything to spend time together. She'd playfully bite my fingers, we just always had a good time together, and were always up until 5 or 6 in the morning.
I can safely say i loved that girl, we never talked about sexuality, and us 2 meeting up was just something we did, and after 8 months of meeting up and going on holiday for the weekend with another couple, she all of a sudden changed, I might be wrong, but i'm sure it was her family that wanted her to stop meeting up with me, but when she said she couldn't anymore, it hit me like a ton of bricks.
But she now has a beautiful baby and a boyfriend, and couldn't be happier for her, although it took me a long time to get over her