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"Stereotypes" written by me. - Poetry Group

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the way she moves her body got these women admiring,
the way she speaks got these dudes transpiring,
her boldness is unheard of and seems so brand new,
She kills a soul and knocks u down like the wind blew,
a lil too hard, just like a hurricaine,
but nobody sees past her looks to get to her brains,
never talk to her kindly without interest in her guts,
so her self esteem is spilled like donated nuts.
when a guy says she beautiful he's talking bout her waist,
he's only interested in getting a sweet taste,
sooooo just imagine how she feels.
The way he Holds his head makes people ignore him,
he tries many things to make these women adore him,
But instead they look past never looking for him,
imagine how he feels.
Just because a girl has a body that murders your eyes,
doesnt mean that thats the only thing that lies,
in her mind try to get to her soul,
tell her your experience,tell her what you know.
Stereotypes kill people make them lose they minds,
and people take advantage of it like it runs out of time.
Karma comes back though soo please heed my warning,
that sometimes just maybe, u could change the scoring....


Good work, excellent message, so true


Hey Me

well said sweetie, such true words spoken, i find myself guilty as well. I too have looked at the body and not at the mind or the whole package. sometimes when a pretty girl walks by i find myself looking and thinking to myself, "WOW, what a GREAT body"


Your words are so beautiful and true. Please keep writing this is so well written you have a true gift.

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