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Transgender Day of Remembrance - The Rainbow Lounge

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Hey everyone
Today is a day to memorialize those that have been killed due to transphobia. Thought we could have a few discussions about some of the common misconceptions of transgender.

PLEASE, this is about educating, let's make these discussions open and frank without taking offence. Not everyone understands what it means to be transgender and during the course of discussion may say something that may be considered "ignorant" but could just be due to lack of understanding.

Let's start with this one:

****Agree or Disagree****
"Trans people are just "extra gay" — so gay that they "go over the edge" into the other gender."
****Agree or Disagree****


Hard to decide - have to disagree!
I am gay - Love being gay - & always will be. But I would'nt go that far...
I think it is just the way we are.... I dont know


Our country has been ruled by queens since 1890. the British queen has ruled for 60 years now. So nothing wrong with queens. lol


Disagree. So many facets to sexuality that quantifying gender and sexuality is old world think. We need new world thought to move beyond barriers and labels.


Ok, I'm all for discussion and education.... Being the only transperson at my work I often have to answer a plethora of sometimes very invasive questions from Cisgendered people... That said, posting speculations about what trans people are and then having everyone chime in on them isn't a discussion per se. At least its not a productive one to help others understand trans people/genderqueer/genderfluid/ and non binary people in general..


Disagree compeltly.Trans people are not comforatble with their gender, so therefore disagree with the statement that they are go OTT of their looks.


I have a question...and this may sound incredible ignorant. But do you even have to be gay/ lesbian to be trans? I mean, could someone who just wanted to be the opposite sex still be attracted to the opposite sex? Or by definition, do you have to be gay/ lesbian? (and for Ashley Wells and other people that may think this is an invasive or offensive question, pleas say so).


Hey Koryn,
no, that's a good question and not offensive. You defenitely don't have to be gay or lesbian to be transgendered though.


I think this is a great question, because it raises another question. As we create the new Gays.com, we kinda thought it would make sense that Gays.com be for the LGBT community only and would like to not allow "Straight" people to sign up.

But if you are MTF or FTM and you're straight, then we should allow that, no?

What do you all think?


I guess so; I mean, coming from the conservative background that I have, this website is a place I can be me freely and connect with other people that have faced similar social stigmas that I have. I imagine people that aren't interested in being their natural gender, but are still attracted to the opposite gender face a similar stigma that those who are LBGT community.
I wouldn't mind it; as long as these individuals are respectful.

Thank you guys for your answers