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Apoem of break up and heart ache by the LATE Renee' Summers...

Cheers to You
By Renee’

Don't you just hate it when you find the one
And she smiles and laughs
Then she’s gone
I replay it in my head
It still makes me blue
I have lost you, so cheers to you

You were picture perfect
My heavenly dove
If given the chance it might have been love
You would've been my baby, my boo
But I was silly to think that, so cheers to you

Thank you for the times we almost had
You’ll live in my dreams so don't feel bad
We together would have been nice
To believe it I seemed to do
But you had other plans, so cheers to you

I followed you, like I was in a trance
Was it too much to ask to be given a chance
I didn't want much, just to be with you
But you found another
And so I lost, so cheers to you

It hurts so much, my eyes don’t lie
So all I can do is cry
But don’t worry
I’ll get by, I always do
With a tear in my eyes, so cheers to you

I dreamt one night of our very first kiss
It would have been a special feeling
That we will be missing
I loved you so much, if you only knew
Did you even care, so cheers to you

It hurts inside that we can't be together
Cause I truly could've held you in my arms forever
I will love you my lil one
Till the day my life is through
But for you there is another, so cheers to you

I fought so hard did you not see?
That is just me
And now we’ll never be
Love's never enough
This much is true
You broke my heart, so cheers to you


how many times can a heart be broken before it becomes unbreakable,indeed? i ask this to a female immigrant from the dominican republic in the washington heights section of upper manhattan once. study all too many older, minority women if you can and you may very well get some insight. love doesn't always make it right, i guess. nor does it even fill those empty nights!


i am so glad you enjoyed reading Renee's poem, she would of love to read your comments.....

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