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A poem by Renee' Summers, she cries out in PAIN to be set free. Sadly she is gone now and I am left sad and alone. I miss you Renee'

Cancers Torment
By Renee’

This life is forever a torment
Cancer riddled
Weaken by an ever feeding monster
With its growing seeds
They bury themselves in my head

Sweet blackness
In utter ecstasy I wait for you
To feel your gentle kiss
Darkness eternal
With blind eyes I do seek?
Waiting for freedom from this anguish
Come free my tormented body

O curse of my body,
In the nothing I see your bleak smile
Forever will it stay before me
Taunting and ravishing me
Hating my existence

Grim pains of life
Release me at last
So I may finally be free
Yet freedom be lost
I long to be whole again
Stop this torment
Let me be still

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