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hi all hope you like this one - Poetry Group

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A weekend of camping, just for two,
walking the hiking paths holding you.
Listening to the birds sing their happy tune.
It felt as though they sung just for us.

The gentle breezes, causing the leaves to sway.
wishing, here we could always stay.
we set up our tent by the lake, watching the setting sun
light glistening on the lake, till the day was done.

And now that it is night, laying down by the fire,
filled us both with an insatiable desire.
this hunger grew we could not fight,
we made love throughout the night.

Touching you in all the right places.
hearing the moans of uncontrolled desire,
Our bodies moving faster and faster,
our love rages like the fire.

Till we reach the moment of sublime ecstasy,
The moon shines down on the still lake,
we playfully run with reckless abandoned,
and jump in nude for a midnight swim.

holding you as we float away deeply in love
after a nights desire....


Molto bene, il mio amico.


thanks tristram

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