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Lost again? - Get HAPPY

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You are not alone we all do it
Are you brave enough to confess to it?
You are out shopping and you get lost in all the fun of spending your money on your favourite things then it's time to go home.
Your hands are full of shopping bags.
You make your way out of the bright lights of the shops into the parking spot.
Now......... where is the car?
What level did you park on?
Time to wonder looking like you know exactly where you are going while being totally lost.
Other cars follow you wanting your car spot to park in but you have no clue where you are going.

Well has this ever happened to you?


Yes! But honestly once the car had to be towed out of the way for emergency equipment that I didn't even know had taken place while shopping, and then a second time, it was stolen.

But yes!


nope, never has to me i just remember where i park at cause i8 have handicap parkin


I had a senior friends placard for a bit, I was still lost, just knew I didn't have to wander past the blue spaces.......


I once got into the wrong car,.
The same colour & make tho .........

This was some year`s ago now tho ,,,,,,,,, lol xxx


wanna hear the best story of the wrong car??

My mother came out the shops with 3 bags of groceries she had bought and open the car and placed the bags on the back seat, she then quickly went back into the shops to get something she had forgotten, on returning to the car there was this very confused guy standing with the doors open, she realized she put her groceries in the wrong car……




in my much younger wilder days while on hol in tenerife i went back to the hotel alone,rode the lift to my floor went to my room but no matter how i tryed couldn't get the key to open the door,finally just hammered on the door for my friend to open it only to be confronted by a tired irate middle aged man and his wife,not only wasn't it my room it wasn't even my hotel lol,in my defence it looked very similar and it was on the same street and i was drunk lmao