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Unfair climate - Your WRITES

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I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but not one writer on here response to comments. Perhaps its the economic slump. Or maybe it's the lack of excitement most have towards good writing. Then again, maybe it's the fact that we're all consumed with life, and just don't have time to create material that's entertaining.

Nonetheless, I received an email from Lambda Literary Foundation recently concerning its annual writing contest. Mind you, I don't normally enter such, because I feel it's a donation; instead of, an opportunity for one to have his/her work evaluated sincerely, without prejudice. However, after completing my recent novel titled For Mature Teens Only-An LGBT Novel, I think this book is a great medium to show case.

Besides, how else are we ever going to entertain the LGBT youth, unless we provide them with entertaining material? Exactly. Therefore, if you each will kindly support this effort, I'd greatly appreciate it. You can do so, by responding and taking a quick look at my blog: www.authorblfowler.blogspot.com

Afterwards, let me know what you're writing. Perhaps, we can write something together. Hope to hear from you.



Sorry, my writing is about my experiences and I have been told that my style is urban grit in both my poetry and my fiction. No community uplift here, only cold, hard reality.