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Why is it so wrong that my best isn't up to your standards?
That instead of trying to build me up, you break me down.
Break my spirit by telling me I'm not trying hard enough,
That I was sitting there doing nothing.

At one point I would have said that I was sorry.
But now....

I'm like Fuck You


You go sister, soul sister, don't let that shit weigh you down!


I love the angst you've show in this poem good job keep writing


Thank you, I tried to convey the emotions i was feeling, glad that it didnt come through wrong.


your welcome, you know when I write my poetry, for me it is cathartic, it helps me express the feelings i am having at that moment and sometimes people just pis me off lol and I write about it and other i fell happy our loved it is natural for you to want to put how you're feelings to penn. Don't let any make you feel that it is wrong good work keep writing 8-)


Thank you, I plan on it. Its funny that you say that, The poem is based from the sadness and anger i had at my math teacher at what i now know was a misunderstanding.