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Is it okay to be gay and Christian? - The Gay Christian Network

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At the age of 43, I find it disturbing that I must continue to be bombarded by religious zealots, who lack clarity on the religion of their choice. Sadly, each day I encounter someone who hates me because I'm gay, based on their upbringing in the religion of their choice. But with universities and colleges providing educational resources to enlighten us about religion and the history of each religion; why are we still living in a world that feeds on ignorance and hate, especially those who use religion as a catalyst to oppress religious followers and/or gays and lesbians?

Honestly, who is to blame? Those who embrace religion or those who use it to oppress the unlearned and spiritually discerned? Sadly, most gays and lesbians lack clarity about their religious beliefs. This shocks me! So much, it evoked me to conduct in-depth research regarding my religion. Only to learn that I and many others are subject to oppression because we volunteered to become a part and partial of a system that's driving many of its followers into the ground.

But the good book teaches us that GOD so loved the world that he gave his ONLY begotten SON, to die for our sins, so that we would not be punished. Yet countless Christians do not embrace gays and lesbians, because one Bible or another teaches them that being gay or lesbian is wrong. Unfortunately, the Bible didn't convey this idealism until the late seventies. Since then, homosexuality has been woven in and removed from one Bible to another.

Sadly, most gays and lesbian don't read the Scriptures and/or study the text beyond what the minister preaches. As a result, gays and lesbians remain entangled in darkness, because with knowing GOD, we walk in the LIGHT. Therefore, isn't it time we all learn a lot more about Christianity, so we can better educate others about embracing gays and lesbians?



At school we are taught to read a book and then we are tested on our ability to evaluate what we have read. Unfortunately with the Bible there are too many 'experts' on here-say. During my coming out experience about 20 years ago my pastor came and gave me a personal Bible study teaching me that when the Bible uses the term 'fornication' that it meant and included gays and lesbians etc... I didn't believe him and I have lived my life so far as a Christian and will continue to do so. When we take a look at the example of our amazing Saviours life we gain the understanding that Jesus hated NONE yet he criticised the religious leaders of his time for leading the people astray! Could it be similar circumstances today?
Fortunately the onus is upon ourselves to read the Bible to dispel any ignorance and start a relationship with Jesus that NO ONE can take away!
So yes Mr Fowler we should read the Bible and encourage others to do so. Salvation is available to everyone!


Amen to that