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So tell me what's your favourite lesbian kiss in a movie?
Who is your favourite lesbian or gay TV couple?


1. Bloomington
2. Spider Lilies
3. Butterfly (Josie Ho)
4. Room In Rome (though most of the part I closed my eyes :P lol)

I always love watching lesbian movies. I find them sophistically beautiful, that is why there are some films categorised under artistic, b/c the story is rich n so much more tension when some love is waiting to be recognised, waiting for acceptance n understanding. Lately I watched Brothers n Sisters, "Kevin Walker n Scotty" The scene where they got engaged, makes me cry (lol) The whole scene makes me feel that they both are not handsome (heyyy don't get me wrong, lol ..... please read on) b/c they are both gorgeous (haha) I never really seen gays film, I always watch lesbian film, but that scene w Kevin n his gay partner makes me feel they are as gorgeous as lesbians. And I still love Carmen n Shane. (I have no chance to watch The L Word though). Sam n Cat in Lip Service.

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