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a bravery drink - Your WRITES

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liquid courage ignites ones imagination, introducing infatuations into ones meditation
stimulating sexual feelings, between two highly intact lesbian soul beings

a connection invisible, while intoxicating, marinating every pore and electric neuron
brain waves dance together in rhythmic movements, ensuring vibes and mental
tensions are coordinating a seductive tango

kissing and biting lips, fingertips caressing tits, while below
hips are swaying in an orgasmic poetic rhythm

leading by seduction, follows instructions unwritten, unmentioned
creating new boundaries that begin to fulfill good intentions

should i mention.. "playing with fire is a dangerous seduction;
the intensity... the passion..."
something both ladies assure to ration

breath taking sensations erected from sexual stimulation's
decisions, decisions
feeding the hunger of the beasts with-in
reveling in pure ecstasy

do i let you get the best of me, do i tease
begging on knees
seducing till seduction is won

once again kissing lips, caressing tits
embracing beauty in its nakedest form
melted from simple bliss
cross fingertips


Girl, I love your work, it's bluntly lyrical with intense passion. You have a gift with words.


great stuff, loved reading it......

the music from the party in the other room
rocked the bed the bass booming and she was
moving around in the darkness toward me, naked
and aware and knowing and she started moaning as
she melted into me – on top of me – and the music in
the next room rocked on as our bodies moved as one,
dancing but not moving around the room at all,
content with the moment we meshed and came
together for the third time in a row. it was a sign
and in the morning amidst the aftermath of the
party she sang to me while i made us breakfast.
it was the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard.


denielle just beautiful

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