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rights of the mother/father - Lesbian Ladies

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Last week in gaystarnews, it was reported that a Lesbian couple had a child, by the use of IVF treatment, the child support agency in the UK, then got details of the sperm donor, that was used in the pregnancy, and is now claiming he is not only the father, but also he has to pay child support for the child.
Now if the Lesbian couple are married, are there rights being changed, or do you think the father, should have access and maritial rights over the partner that got pregnant with the child, or would the ladies feel this is an invasion of there maritial status, and subsequent denial of there lifestyle.
Then what about the guy's rights, he may be a gay man, and in a partnership with his own same-sex partner.


When one donates sperm, they adhere to a contract forfeiting all relations physical and financial to the results. There is no basis on which he should have any access to the child. At least until the child is of age and can make it's own decision.

Whomsoever donated the sperm would have known this and accepted it, no matter their own situation.


very true charlotte, or until last week it was, the CSA, has a reputation of being not just stupid, but incompetent too, so no doubt this will at sometime go to a court, and mabey even the European court to get a ruling on this.
But this in conjunction with same-sex marriage & Adoption, by 2015/2016, may be worked out by then.