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Why Are Gay Christians the Last To Know? - The Gay Christian Network

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Recently, I began taking a course in world religions, which has given me a new perspective on religions altogether. After all, from what I'm learning, most religions are formed on data compiled from other religions. But what I find even more interesting, is how many people have turned away from Christianity and adapted new religious beliefs, if not relinquished their beliefs altogether. Sadly, I blame much of this separation on the disregard for Christian doctrine and what it teaches.

Besides, there are too many versions of the Bible and not enough people investing time learning the substance within the details. This is what Paul warned us about time and again: for some will rise up and turn the truth into a lie and lead many away from the faith.

But if one turns away from the faith, do they have faith at all?

As one who was reared in a community that embraced religion in virtually every aspect of our daily activities, I find it alarming how often Christians lack clarity on the Scripture; the development of the text and/or the history. After all, who else can defend their beliefs other than one who has read the material and practiced researching the history?

This is why I wrote: We Err Not Knowing or Studying The Scripture. Derived from Matthew 22:29. The idea behind this project was to share riveting details about the history rooted regarding homosexuality and the Bible. After all, much history teaches us that it was St. Thomas Aquinas who declared homosexuality a sin. In fact, if you haven't already, you should invest time reviewing older Bibles , such as those printed back in the 1960's and 70's. You will find that not one of those Bibles convey anything about homosexuality. Yet in 1973, Bibles published by Zondervan and Thomas Nelson began to incorporate such idealism, and thus rooted the hatred towards homosexuals.

Sadly, most homosexuals don't read the Bible, so they cannot defend themselves against the ignorance that continues to be spewed towards us. This is why I began taking a more serious look at Christianity: luckily, I did. This is why I advocate for Christianity; it is the number one religion in the world, and has been since it was established. Furthermore, Christianity remains the first widely spread religion in the world that teaches unconditional love for all.

But more importantly, as a gay man, I have come to appreciate having Christ as a brother, because it is love like that inspires me to love others: unconditionally. Praise God from where all blessings flow.

In the meantime, you can read more about me and my Christian research, by logging on to my blog: www.authorblfowler.blogspot.com

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