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Not good enough? Yes I am! - Gay Guys! <3

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You may remember me putting up a discussion thinking I was good enough for anything, well my view on that has changed.
I may have failed a job interview but that's what happens, it's experience, through trial and error I will eventually find a job and I know in my heart of hearts it will be a job that I will LOVE doing!
Also someone who I love dearly breaking up with me, okay he broke up with me but it doesn't mean I'm not as good as him, if he's not the one then oh well, I'll just have to move on and find someone else - but if he is the one then AWESOME, but it will be up to me whether I want him back in my life, if he wants me back one day then it's up to me to take him back, it's going to be on my terms and it's going to be my decision.
Not good enough? Oh yes I bloody am! I'm good enough for whatever and whoever I want!


Yes Richard you bloody well are good enough !! I'm so glad the mindset has swung around and I wish you great success in whatever opportunities come up for you. You're one of the very best !


I hope you get a job that you love doing, most of mines blew like a wind tunnel, but I had some wonderful ones. Men are like busses, there will bw another one along. You are young and cute as a button, you'll do fine.


YAY!!!! Your eyes are open!!!!


Richard. Hold your head high, of course you're as good as anyone else. Think good things about yourself, have confidence in who you really are. At one time I had a lot of negative self-talk and it didn't do me any good at all. If you notice anything like that just STOP, smile and say to yourself, "I don't know that person I'm talking about" and think good things about yourself because it's true. Stay positive in your thoughts and Mr Right will be there. You are perfectly right in putting anything negative down to experience. Learn from it and move ahead, you are not defined by your past.


I admire your thinking!


I'm really glad your are feeling better; and have that healthy attitude!


Great to hear that you're back on form, Richard.

You're a great guy who has selflessly helped a lot of other people and you deserve the best.


good on you richard glad you have realised you are good enough and i think you are a really good guy hugs and kisses si