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What the fuck?
By Jillian

Came on line
To make my lover smile
Played a pussy tune for her
With one hand
We both exploded
But then she began to cry
What the fuck?

Cumming is supposed to make us closer together
Instead I fell from the extreme high
Landed on my ass in the ultra-low
Now I am crying
What the fuck?

Is this what true love does to us?
Takes us up and then throws us down
Let bathing in a pool of tears
Supposed to be wet elsewhere not in the face
What the fuck?

Love is supposed to be happiness
And not sadness
Now, can I sleep?
Because I am supposed to be left smiling not crying
What the fuck?

I am preparing to join you forever
We are supposed to be happy
Looking forward to that day, soon
But all we do is cry
What the fuck???????????????


I cry because I can't wait until you are here
and I miss you
and I want you so badly
I'm sorry


I can tell by your eyes that you've probably been cryin' forever,
Now look into my eyes and you'll see, I am crying to be with you
I'm so sorry I can't be there and I just want you here with me
Am I so bad? Am I just sad? I just want to be with you
So far away day and night, hot and cold weather
I'm going crazy for you

You make me so happy I just want more
And I know everything will be so perfect when you walk through my door
No more tears in my eyes I can show you I love you
I can't wait to hear your loving signs
No more tears in my eyes

I know I just have to wait a little longer
So everyday we have to grow stronger
I am here waiting for you
So do what you have to do

Yes I'm not like the others
I'll love you forever
But you have to let me
I'll won't let you down never ever

I just want you to trust me
Believe in me
And I'll set you free


Because I love you


Ai ragazza, I love your work.

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