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For those who know me, you know me well
I need prayer, not for myself but for one of my precious angels
She's having a hard time breathing since 3am this morning
Can't lie down because she can't breathe

I've done all I can with what I know
Jesus is the great healer and our King
He truley is all I have to help this sweet one
Please lift her up before Him, if you get a chance

She's been a comforter, she's made me laugh
I just want to help this precious dog all I can

Thank you


I will Pray for ur Baby Debbie xx


I commend your beloved friend in your time of need into the loving arms of Our Lord and St Francis, to be by your side, to be your comfort and guide and to give you the strength and courage come what may, you are never out of His loving sight, trust in Him and I assure you everything will alright.


Thank you for your prayers,
Jessy past in my arms at 5:20 pm


Please know that your friend was blessed because she had you in her life and I believe that I know you have a very huge heart and you know it too because it is breaking for the loss of your friend. But I assure you we never really lose our friends they are with us in this life and the next. The really sad thing about it is that they may deserve to be in Heaven more then we do. They are much more accepting of our faults and forgive us more then we deserve. I would even go as far to say that in that regard they put us to shame, because they love us and will never judge us as much as humans do to each other. Please do not think that this is inappropriate. I hope you will find some comfort in this song. Shared with love, please be at peace, you are loved here. Roberta Flack - Jesse http://youtu.be/HgVTU2CJJuw


I agree with Andre, well said as i believe the same. Debbie I am so Sorry, and ur Baby is exactly where Andre Say's. God Bless xx


Yes I agree also. I think certain pets are the only real example of true unconditional love on this planet. I know she is in a much better place and will forever be at peace, happy, playful and quite the character.

She may have been the smallest but she had the greatest presence because that was just Jessy. Neither of the other two know what to do. Misty and her were very close but believe it or not it was Lady the newest dog who whimpered and cried most of the evening last night.

The Lord provided the strength I needed to bury her in her blankee and clean up were she past as I held her. Then all the strentgh left me. I have become a trembling shell, who feels numb, empty and fight the urges to respond to yet another crisis in a way that wouldn't please our Lord.


Tues., Oct 30th, 12, 16:45 Hrs. M.D.T.


My Condolances to the Passing of
Your Special Child - Jessy.
May the "Great One" B With You in
Your Times of "Special Needs".
Good Luck Debbie, I Share Your
Pain because I Know How it Feels
to Loose a Special Child in Your
May the Great One Bless You in
the Coming Days and Give You
that Special Strength as Well.

Special Thanks,


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