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A Lesbian’s Strife - Your WRITES

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A Lesbian’s Strife
By Renee’

When you are born they take over your life
Forcing their discipline and causing you strife
Till the pain is so unbearable
You don’t give a fuck and think of another variable
Setting their standards
And forcing them on you
But inside you feel different
You can’t leave, because you have no rent

They hate you if you are too clever
Forcing you to do their school
Are you just a fucking fool?
Their rules make you so fucking crazy
Sometimes you wish you had a tool
Then you too can be fat and lazy

For twenty odd years they have fucked with your mind
Expecting you to leave your feelings behind
Feeding you religion, hate and TV
Mindless and classless they want you to be
But inside you feel different
You can’t leave, because you have no rent

There is a husband they have chosen for you
You become so afraid, to confess or shed a tear
Because they have filled you with their fucking fear
You say stop no more
Now they lock the door
What have we done to deserve this, is their cry
Filling you with their fucking lies

You are what!
As the slap reins across your face
The pain removes your breath, leaving without a trace
To the ground you fall
They stand over you so tall
In fear all you can do is crawl

Night falls
All is silent
You listen at the door
To see if you can hear his snore
You must leave this place
As your heart begins to race

Alone in the street you will be
No place to stay
No rent to pay
But you are free
As a Lesbian, this has to be
But fuck, you are free
No place to stay
No rent to pay
You are a Lesbian and you are free

To all the young Lesbian girls who are afraid of coming out, DON”T fear, living free as a Lesbian will set you free. My parents TOTALLY disagree, but FUCK them I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes vary powerful .........


- 'Life and 'Time' are the world's best teachers. 'Life' teaches us to make good use of 'Time'. And 'Time' teaches us the value of 'Life'.

- There's no need to rush. If something is meant to be, it will happen. In the right time, with the right person, for the best reason.

- When you start giving too much importance to someone in your life, you tend to lose your value in their life. Strange, but true.


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