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The Way - Gay Guys! <3

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The Way

Today I stood on Cheese Foot Head
And looked towards the sea.
I cast my eye across the land
That lay twixt there and me.

At first it just went gently down
A wide path, smooth and clear.
But after that I could not see:
Was it of joy or fear?

I could so quickly reach the shore
Touch little on my way.
Pass through the tide to other side
Too quick though, some might say.

My route could be a twisting one
To left and right might stray.
The journey slow to water’s edge
But pleasures on the way.

We do not know our way through life
It might be quick and short.
If it be so we must be sure
We did not live for naught.

With luck life’s journey will be long
With ups and downs and turns.
With tears and joys for many years
A lengthy sweet sojourn.

We touch so many on our way
And they touch us also.
We leave a little of ourselves
As on our way we go.

If we are blessed, as on we go,
To have one by our side:
To share the trip, to share a smile,
And love perhaps confide.

We cannot know, we cannot tell
The path that we will take.
But should I reach the sea real soon
My heart it will not ache.

For I have walked some splendid lanes,
And owe an awesome debt.
My journey such a sweeter time
Because of all I’ve met.

I hope in part I have returned
Some happiness as well
Then I can lay my head to rest
And say I journeyed well.


Dean you have out done yourself. It is very profound on the journey of life. I hope you have this published. Have it and ALL your poetry copywrited so no one can steal it on you. One day I vernture to say I will see a book of poetry and the authors name will be Dean Hargreaves.. And I will have the pleasure to say to people I know this man...
Simply brilliant work...


Dean, I really enjoyed your poetry. Are you in the groups Born to be a writer or Poetry ? Are there open mike venues near you, I love performing at venues. Unfortunately, I had to move to rural Connecticut where they don't exist. When we blow outta here, I hope they have them in Portland, Maine.

I would suggest that you perform at open mikes to get the experience of reading your powerful words.


Your poem moved me to tears LITERALLY, Dean. Thank you.


Dean:- I don't know if you have ever seen this song by Hank Williams - an American country singer who died in 1953. Many of us on this site should take the words to heart. The title is MEN WITH BROKEN HEARTS.

You'll meet many just like me upon life's busy street
With shoulders stooped and heads bowed low and eyes that stare in defeat
Poor souls that live within the past where sorrow plays all parts
Where a living death is all that's left for men with broken hearts
You have no right to be the judge to criticize and condemn
Just think but for the grace of God it would be you instead of him
One careless step a thoughtless deed and then the misery starts
And to those who weep death comes cheap these men with broken hearts
Oh so humble you should be when they come passing by
For it's written that the greatest men never get too big to cry
Some lose faith in love and life when sorrow shoots her darts
And with hope all gone they walk alone these men with broken hearts
You've never walked in that man's shoes or saw things through his eyes
Or stood and watched with helpless hands while the heart inside you dies
Some were paupers some were kings and some were masters of the arts
But in their shame they're all the same these men with broken hearts
Life sometimes can be so cruel that a heart will pray for death
God why must these living dead know pain with every breath
So help your brother along the road no matter where he starts
For the God that made you made them too these men with broken hearts.


Jim that is a very beautiful poem, better than mine. I was trying to be like positive and not miserable though. Life s/can be real good sometimes.


Thank you Trisram, I don’t think they have them in UK


Actually, Dean, I was thinking just the same as yourself - that your poem was looking forward and upward, whereas the one from Hank Williams (and recorded by Jim Reeves) was more downcast and inward-looking - just the opposite of yours.
While I can't speak for others here, I personally would like to see more of your poems. How about starting a discussion all your own, of your poems. I think it would be appreciated by many hère.


Dean, loved your writing and from the heart. Keep up the great work and maybe protect your written work by copyrighting it. There are fairly simple ways of doing that too and it doesn't need to cost you a lot of money. If you take printed copies of your work to a post office and get each page franked with a franking stamp. It has the date and it's official. Have some form of ID on the back of the envelope as to its contents, then seal it and post it to yourself. Leave it sealed and that will hold up in any court of law as being your writing.

You are so right, we do leave a little of ourselves with whomever we meet. I also want to say that I'm very glad that you have stuck around here. I know you've sometimes thought otherwise but we all gain from your presence here.

All the very best my friend.


Where did you come up with this information?


I do know he had been saying for a LONG time he was going to delete himself. I'd appreciate some info as to where you got this about him...


Strange goings on! Weird!


It is Very?????


I can tell you this, I have spoken to Dean on the phone and he does not sound like someone who's in his 60s, why are people so quick to listen to gossip? Sad, sad, sad


Your evidence of this is where, Richard?
OH! You've deleted your post! LOL, been caught out or something?


I deleted MINE per a request from Drew.


Hey Richard Davies, did Richard Ivers have the goods on Dean?


This is going to be my last comment on this situation.
I have made a profile on the certain site so I was able to access it, I have NOT found any traces of Dean Hargreaves or anything linked to him on said site, therefore I consider this rumour to be false.
As far as I am concerned this is the end of the matter


dean1995 does have a picture that was in Dean's pictures on here--it wasn't his main profile picture, but was in his photo collections. Dean was also on SeeksOlder, as deanbn1995, but he is no longer on that site.


Dean is also on Alt.com as 19 years old username deanbn1995


I'd appreciate if you would give it to me in private and let me look. I am trying to put this puzzle together... Thanks

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