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so i saw this article on my facebook...it's about Rosanne's comments being transphobic...but to be honest i can see where she's coming from...because i honestly have the same opinion...i mean the way i see it it's really taking dress up to a whole new level...i honestly can't consider someone a different gender until they've undergone the whole transition...but out of respect i'll probably do it...i don't know...maybe it's because i don't know what it is to go through a transition...so feel free to educate me if you wish...and check out the article for yourselves...i appreciate any feedback...love you guys...



The entire process can not be completed in an instant. It takes time to be prepared both physically and mentally. This means that both a pre-op and post-op transsexual/gender people are the gender they appear to be and all that's left is appearance and one's opinion of that appearance. Would you say an unripe fruit is not a fruit? What you describe is simply the different stages of the same thing.

On the other hand maybe you're forgetting to distinguish gender and sex, the mental and the physical respectively.


I read the original news article, but it still seems like there's pertinent information missing and precious little discussion of what is appropriate specifically within a sauna. This is not just any situation, like shopping at a mall, eating in a restaurant, or even swimming within a public swimming pool while wearing an appropriate swimming suit. Has anyone heard anything about how much or how little clothing was worn by the respective participants when the initial confrontation occurred? There's a certain balance of assertiveness, sensitivity, and consideration within any recommendable practice of civility and all participants are equally accountable for whatever they contribute to social situations. Without civility and mutual respect, imposing one's preferences on others generally leads to greater conflict. There are civil ways, however, to address any double-standards that one might encounter. Only after such more civil methods have been attempted, do the more extreme strategies become reasonable. Were there discussions with administrators concerning trans issues and trans sensitivity prior to this incident, to be sure that the facilities in question were appropriately equipped? More information about the incident and its context is needed.


...and one must also remember that there is as much diversity of opinion about such issues within the trans population as within any other subset of humanity. There isn't just one right answer to such complex questions.


never is and never will be jony, charlotte puts the point clearly across, and then you have also the different regional differences, all transphobia is just as bad as homophobia and its only through education that will change, but at a rate of 1transperson being murdered a day in the world, its a statistic, that shows the level of hate in the real world, but it all depends on one's point of view, me and another person was at manchester pride, both of us never felt or saw hate there, it was a nice day, and a lot enjoyed the pride event despite most being straight, its a minoritity that shows the hate, and use the internet to expand that hate, no-one should have to face hate or fear because of ones gender or sex period, as for srs jony, google it, there are many medical texts you will find on it, it is not easy being transperson, or feeling accepted.
There once on here was a discussion in the guys room, a girl is sitting with a guy at a candlelit table on a night out, she was thinking how will i tell him i used to be a man, what if the man on the other side was thinking how will i tell her i used to be gay, will she accept it!
thats a dilemma we all face.


Yes,only with Education can we all move forward.........

And i do Support all Transgender 100% no matter what .........