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To : S.R or C.N or whoever you are - Your WRITES

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It took me awhile to decide to write to you. I can actually sent you a email If I want to, but I don't want to since I know you're still around here, Idk what's keeping you. Why can't you come back n be yourself b/c I m still your friend or If you remember our one year bond, I m still your sister. You're right. I m ........ I m a bitch or you should bloody just call me a SLUT :') If that makes you feel better. And btw, FYI... In case you still going around, I m not w her anymore (haha) Go ahead n laugh all you want to. I don't care at all (now). The purpose of writing to you, Idk who you are today, I know you have another account here but I don't think you would even wanna "see" me (haha) Anyhow, I just don't get It. What is in you to ....... be someone else that you don't even know who you are now... It's quite n embarrassment , do you know ? To defend for someone like you. It makes me look so stupid n this is another reason for you to laugh all you want to, b/c I don't really give a shit about this ! And also , If you're still around, message me, Tell me who you are exactly. B/c I still wish to have you back as a friend n only you , yourself.

If today, you realize I m not the one you always trusted, how would you feel ? So cut the act, drop the lies, just stand out, be who you really are. Why would you rather let people laughing at you ? Then you don't feel hurt at all ? I don't mock at you even If you're busted. Only true friends felt disappointed.

At times , I missed you so much. Idk why n how come It turns out to be like that, It really taught me so well (now) trust nobody. But if you come back as a friend, sure why not ? But don't try to make me buy your trust again. For now, I have enough w identities. Those who really got doubts, how real can you be ? Even if you are real, you are no difference when you hurt people n asked for trust ? If you wanna carry on w your lies, face them yourselves n leave the others alone If you're still wise enough ! Does It kill you to be you ? I just never get It


Sad emotions, sad feelings, heart ache. the lies.... the betrail,
i know your pain sweetie, but sometimes these dorrs shut closed so we can find another door that has opened... perhaps that door will be a lot better.

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