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Finds anyway to swallow there pride. Hides but never leaves. Calls spirits of all to come and help undo what has been done.
All the way to the beginning, that was empty, she hugged wings, begging them to cover her from the prayers of people wanting to kiss her lips. Comforting those who never rest. Saying your grace as she bowed down before them. Hanging on to lot hope, promises she made on her knees before his grace. All the way to becoming immortal.
Times she spent with all those spirits are like dreams in darkness, always having to wake up in the morning missing them deeply. Remembering the one they loved. All the time remembering all the convsations she had with them as they held her loving hands under the stars at night. Tonight she fell and is unable to get up. The stars will be holding her in the night from now on.

(sorry about bad spelling)